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Select the access point

Select the access point

Access control power ups

The current access control market is still very irregular, the product is very different, power is no exception, more than ten dollars you can buy a small 12v power supply, with the controller and the cathode lock can also be used, but the current is not enough, poor reliability , A direct impact on the use of access control; and some use of switching power supply, which is the most undesirable, one is a large switching power supply clutter, will lead to equipment damage, followed by switching power supply to the electric lock, electric lock inductance And the switching power supply will form interference between, often there will be lock work exception;

The standard point of the flower about 40 yuan can buy a nominal 3A access control dedicated power, this power is generally used 7812 regulator, 7812 maximum rated current is 1.5A (actually only 0.8A), and its lock power supply From the bridge rectifier is not directly through the output voltage regulator, which often occurs when the mains voltage instability when the phenomenon of burning, and its controller voltage in the absence of load can reach 14v, after a load will be less than 12v, voltage Changes will lead to the controller crash and other phenomena, unexplained customers will think that the controller has a problem, thus affecting the product performance and reputation.

Access control power perimeter

Access control power supply with 34063 with 9530 regulator, not only can withstand the current, and the output is stable, regardless of how the load and the mains change, the output voltage is always the same, you can long two 280 kg magnetic lock power supply; using original Panasonic relay Make its performance more reliable; with a charging circuit, you can add an external battery; true 36w transformer, to ensure long-term high current use.

Determine the access control power First and foremost To understand the function and role of access control, access control power supply and power supply to the power supply.

Access control power basic functions:

1, the output stable DC 12V voltage; 2, NC / NO control electric lock off normal;

3, then PUSH (then switch the amount of signal) / CONTROL (then pulse signal DC5V-DC15V) control port is normal and control NC / NO on-off delay can be adjusted (0 seconds -10 seconds);

4, the power is normal, the general power supply of 12V connected to a 800mA within the access control and a continuous current within 500mA of electric locks, 12V voltage at 11.4-12.2V, NC voltage at 11.4V-16V is normal; : The NC voltage will increase when the mains voltage exceeds 220V.

Note: to ensure that the input AC220V stable after the above requirements can determine the access control power is good.

Although the access control controller is the core of the access control system, but to ensure the stability of the entire system, access control power is also a link can not be ignored.

  One is to choose a linear power supply is good, or switch power good?

  The advantages of linear power: stable performance, no high-frequency ripple and other interference.

  The disadvantage of linear power: fever, low energy efficiency. No super power supply for the choice.

  Advantages of switching power supply: easy to use high-power power supply, power supply in the continuous price increases, showing a better price. Small size and light weight. Choose from more brands and models.

  Switching power supply shortcomings: If the power quality is not good, high frequency ripple bad control, for some anti-interference ability of the poor access control controller, easy to cause access control controller crash, causing the door can not open the situation.

  Viewpoints and Suggestions: You can choose, if you choose switching power supply, it is recommended to choose a brand of switching power supply and require the controller to do better anti-interference.

Access control and lock

  Second, choose how much power access control for the right?

  Access control system, the vast majority of 12V DC power supply, so the rated current through the power supply parameters can be assessed power supply power. Taking into account the impact and long-term stable operation, make the following recommendations:

  If you choose a linear power supply, if a controller with 4 electric lock to calculate, it is recommended to select the nominal 5-7A linear power supply.

  If you choose a linear power supply, if a controller with a power lock to calculate, it is recommended to select the nominal 3A or more linear power supply.

  If you select the switching power supply, if a controller with 4 to lock the calculation, it is recommended to select the nominal 4-5A switching power supply.

  If you select the switching power supply, if a controller with a power lock to calculate, it is recommended to select the nominal 3A or more switching power supply.

  If a controller with 8 electric lock or 6 magnetic lock, it is recommended to select more than 10A switching power supply. Precautions: 

  Power selection, power and rated current the better, there will not be too much side effects. Low, will not work. On the market, there are a lot of power manufacturers are not responsible for the virtual standard of their own products rated current and power, so it is recommended that you buy a brand of power is best.

  Access control power supply magnetic lock

   Third, access control and electric lock how power supply?

    The best power supply, so that the instantaneous voltage will not interfere with each other.

    Sensor card access control system, fingerprint access control system, iris access control system, facial recognition access control system, out of order keyboard access control system.

  Access control system: fingerprint access control, TCP / IP networking, 485 network, one machine, elevator controller, cabinet intelligent controller, communication converter, non-network access control, door closers, gateway controller, Menci, Electric lock, biometric controller, embedded access control, fingerprint lock, software, controller, etc.

Access to power supply

Access control controller

I. Overview 

The power supply for the automatic intelligent uninterruptible power supply. It uses high-quality components, the application of international advanced process Seiko produced. Using high current regulator, stable operation. The battery charge enough, but charge, do not owe, the battery voltage is too low automatically cut off the output, the effective protection of the battery. Second, the main technical parameters:

      1, the input operating voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz 2, the output voltage: 12V

      3, the use of battery type: lead-acid battery 12V7AH

4, the practical time: then lock lock 35-48 hours, then NC lock 5-10 hours 5, the working environment humidity: <95% 6, temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Third, the main function:

1, can reduce the access controller load, reduce the risk of failure. 2, set the NO and NC output, you can control all types of electric locks. 3, set the delay control circuit, unlock time can be 1-15 seconds.

4, with UPS power supply, power failure automatically power supply, the battery voltage is too low automatic power to protect the battery. 5, set the door button input, you can directly open the electric lock. Fourth, the terminal function:

NO end and GND side: then often unlock (power on the lock); normal no output, trigger 1-15 seconds after the output DC12V.

NC end and GND side: then the block (power to unlock); normal output DC12V, 1-15 seconds after the trigger power.

+ 12V side and GND terminal: DC12V regulator output.

PUSH end and GND side: open button input (PUSH side (low frequency signal) access control controller PUSH side)

CONTROL terminal: Direct 12V voltage control electric lock output for building intercom controller host lock output or access controller. (One for + PUSH (high frequency signal): input positive voltage control unlock --- positive electric lock; negative for public ground.

+ GND and GND are the negative terminal (common ground); the NO of the NO terminal and the GND terminal is the negative pole (NO is common to the NC);

Five, troubleshooting:

1, power is turned on, the power indicator does not light, no voltage output. Should check the power outlet is bad, the fuse is burned.

2, the green battery indicator does not light. Should check whether the fuse burned. Whether the battery pack leads is broken. Note: 1, in the installation of wiring, please turn off the power, do not live operation! The 2, under normal circumstances the electric lock is taken from the power controller.

3, special tips: In order to ensure the stability of the access control, the proposed current greater than 500mA electric lock not straight

Access to access wiring.

4, then the electronic control lock (wiring without polarity and then connected to the diode discharge circuit) is necessary to adjust the delay to 0 seconds to prevent the loss of electronic control lock coil.

5, then the battery must distinguish between positive and negative.

  On the choice of access control points really a lot of points.
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