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      Shanghai Zucheng,Affiliated companies Yu Rui Industry、Lianshang electronic、Jianhui electronic.Headquartered in Shanghai, is a access control, attendance system has a strong technical support in the field of specialized companies, set research and development, production, sales and service in one. Companies with years of market experience, leading professional and technical, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, in the industry occupy the top position. Its brand ZUCON, ancestral has been in the system integration, access control attendance in the domestic status of the leader.

      The company's hot push products, including multi-category password card access and all-metal series of high-end touch key access control; can be achieved within a limited time sub-district off-line management access control; centralized management, unified card issuing large-scale network access control; integrated punch card, U disk import and export fingerprint access attendance one machine, to achieve face, fingerprint, credit card, password as one of the face access attendance; only a 5V battery-powered remote control, fingerprint access control; 7-inch high-definition color display Interlocking access control, including access control electric locks, magnetic locks, spiritual locks, access control dedicated power, switch button, smart card, hardware accessories and other peripheral products, products online and offline both ends of the sale, days cat, Jingdong and other online Mall full coverage, the implementation of the national home installation of the after-sales service, sound product line and high cost, the source of the logo throughout the office, factories, schools, businesses, government and other occasions.

      The company brings together a group of vibrant, professional and enterprising professional and technical personnel and marketing personnel, so as to promote the company to become learning, expert and action of the excellent team. Zucheng people will be a strong engineering background, to the ancestors of the sincere, to provide more efficient and more reliable high-quality products, technical support and a full range of services. Do not forget the unique sense of responsibility and pioneering force, the development of new products, to meet the broad market, to provide quality services, so that the ancestral home is always your best partner.

      Choose Zucheng, choose brilliant future.

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TEL:021-64784155 FAX:021-64784160
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